Sunday 10th May. Pelayos de la Presa to Toledo. 57 miles.

Last night’s campsite (and I use the word campsite very loosely!) was more like a refugee camp with make shift tents, there were sheets of tarpaulin over everything, no grass just mud and piles of rubble I did manage to find a spare piece of mud to put my tent up on next to a load of old pipe which very briefly I thought was a snake this morning! And as for trying to sleep that was nearly impossible there was noise all night, cats were screaming and dogs howling, I really didn’t get much sleep at all! Really struggled today, not too sure if it’s because of my long day yesterday, lack of sleep last night, the terrain or just me being useless! Either way I’m pretty knackered tonight and might spend two nights here I’ll see how I feel in the morning! Photo; my view of Toledo from the campsite.Toledo

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