Sunday 11th December 2011

Igatpuri to Dhule 118 miles

Bit of a chill in the air first thing this morning which was nice, didn’t last long it soon warmed up. The scenery changed a bit today it went from sun scorched grass and mountains to flat green rice fields.

Dogs don’t seem to be a problem here even though there are lots roaming around, they just don’t take any notice,which is good!

Seem to attract a lot of attention both on the road and when I stop. Riding along a motorbike or car either, slows right down and slowly comes alongside you for a chat, or sort of chat, half the time I don’t understand them and vice versa, but it always entertaining, I just tell them where I’m from, where I’m going and my name, that’s about the only part they get. Goodbye Gally they say! When I stop for a bite to eat the bike always draws a big crowd which does get a bit worrying, especially when you can’t see the bike for people, don’t get the fascination, the bikes designed not to look special and if there looking at all my luggage, I’ve seen some of the stuff they carry!

Had a bit of a problem finding somewhere to stay tonight hence the mileage, hotels always seem to be full, I’m starting to get a complex about it, thinking it’s just me!

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