Sunday 11th November 2012 – Dingbian to Jingbian.

Dingbian to Jingbian. 76 miles.

I was very good today and decided not to go on the motorway, seeing as there wasn’t any real difference in the mileage and what do I get for being good, a broken phone, ripped trousers and a bruised arse! Where the road goes up over a hill it’s obviously a lot colder and where the snow had melted it just froze again, especially in the shadier parts, so the road was just a sheet of ice! God knows how many times I fell off! The wheels would just go from underneath me and there was nothing I could do, I’d be sliding along the ground and my bike would come sliding past me! Luckily each time there wasn’t any other vehicles to near!

It’s turning into a real battle now to get to Beijing, what with the weather being so cold and my wheel that keeps freezing! I’ve even changed my route a little bit so I follow the railway, that way if it gets too bad I’ll just jump on the train!

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