Sunday 12th August 2012 – Ganca to Kurdamir.

Ganca to Kurdamir. 105 miles.

Said goodbye to my night of luxury, not before I took full advantage of the buffet breakfast thought, made sure I got my monies worth there!

Made really good progress today it was flat all the way, think it’s flat all the way to Baku now (that’ll be the kiss of death now I’ve said that!) Wasn’t supposed to be on this road, but I was bowling along so fast and happily (I’ve covered the 107 miles today in 6 hours! There’s a nice breeze when your moving a bit faster!) I wasn’t paying any attention and missed the turn off! But looking at the map I think I’ve made the right decision, the route I intended taking is a lot more hilly and in this heat it’s not any fun!

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