Sunday 12th February 2012 – Rawang to Kuala Lumpur

Rawang to Kuala Lumpur. 23 miles

Very short ride today, there’s a few things I need to sort out, one being my bike. I need to service my gears and apparently the distributor for Asia is here in Kuala Lumpur, so I’m staying here for a couple of nights. Not had any success making contact yet but it is Sunday, hopefully I’ll hear tomorrow.

It’ll do me good to stay out of the sun for a day, I’ve actually got blisters on the back of my hands from the sun, I noticed today, thought they were rather sore! And I stubbed my toe earlier, think that nail will be coming off!

Wanted to get a map of Indonesia while I was here, it’s the only one I didn’t bring with me, asked at reception where to go and they said KLCC (Petronas Tower) there’s a big book shop in there you’ll find what you want, wasn’t too keen but if that’s where I have to go then that’s where I’ll have to go. On the way I passed several book shops, but none of them had the map I needed they all said go to the KLCC.

After a short metro ride, which incidentally is the opposite to the London, it’s nice and cool and air conditioned, unlike London’s hot and stuffy. Anyway got to the KLCC, you just go up the escalator and your inside this huge shopping mall on 4floors, I was so excited, not! It was like being back home a lot of English shops, M&S and Body Shop to name a couple. After looking around for a bit I eventually found the information desk and was told it was on the fourth floor. Huge shop, but at least it had a map not brilliant, which, I seem to remember is the reason why I didn’t bring one from home because I couldn’t find a decent one.

The towers themselves didn’t actually strike me as being that tall, even though I know they are, they do look good all the polished steel and even better at night, when it’s all lit up.

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