Sunday 12th July; YouTube Video

Sunday 12th July YouTube video. Another video using Garry’s Flickr photos.

It was April 2011, and Garry was busy planning his ride to Australia, that he was due to embark on in October. While planning and trying to sort things out. Garry suddenly realised that despite having cycled 15,000 miles, he’d never actually taken his bike on an aeroplane!

Knowing that his trip would involve a couple of flights, he thought it might be a good idea to take his bike on a plane and try it out first! Wondering where to go, Garry decided to stay in Europe. He could also use the trip to fill in a gap around the coast of Europe, that he hadn’t cycled yet. The stretch of coast between Malaga and Monaco.

The ride to Monaco wasn’t anything special, cycling through some of Spains busiest tourist areas! But still enjoyable. After reaching Monaco, Garry turned back on himself and headed home through France. Taking the “Route Napoleon” and wasn’t there some hills on that route!

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2 Replies to “Sunday 12th July; YouTube Video”

  1. You’re the king of the road. You don’t just do one country, you do two or three. What a palaver preparing a bike for flying. I have seen those pods which totally enclose the bike. You make it look so easy. Do us a favour and show when you’re completely knackered.

    1. One country’s boring! The reason I’d run out of time was so I could get back for the annual IOW bike ride!
      That was probably the easiest flight I’ve taken with the bike, on that occasion it was just put in a giant plastic bag! And the only thing I had to do was remove the pedals and turn the handlebars!
      I was knackered once…

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