Cycle Touring England Sunday 13th March. Southborough to Bognor Regis. 67 miles.

After rescuing Passepartout from the rubbish heap this morning I left the hotel not really knowing which way I was going to go home, but after a bit of faffing, I decided which way I was going.

After coming through Crowborough yesterday and mentioning that it was the second highest point in Sussex and that Ditchling beacon was the highest I decided that I would go via Ditchling and go over the beacon just to see how bad it is or isn’t! I know when the London to Brighton charity cycle run is on they go over it and everybody says how bad it is, although granted most of them are none cyclists and it is towards the end of their 60-mile bike ride.

Well I managed to get over it without having to stop and I didn’t find it too bad, yes it’s a bit steep and it goes on for a bit but it’s not that bad. I can, however, see that if you’re not a cyclist or you don’t cycle much it would be rather hard!

As I was going up one or two of the lycra brigade passed me and with fare due to them they did say good luck to me which drove me on not to stop! Once at the top there was the Lycra brigade resting, I just carried on riding without stopping, don’t really see the point you can rest on the way down.

A word of warning for any readers taking on the London to Brighton charity cycle ride. After coming over Ditchling beacon, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s downhill all the way to Brighton seafront, it isn’t! You only go down for a short distance before there’s another hill that you have to go up which for any cyclist can be a bit soul destroying, but once that’s conquered you can sit back and enjoy freewheeling all the way to the finish line on Brighton seafront.

Bike hidden in the bins
Passepartouts resting place for the night

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