Cycle Touring Nepal Sunday 13th November. Butwel to Lamahi. 78 miles.

Well that was a ride with a difference today! In all the miles I’ve cycled in different countries I’ve never experienced anything like it!

Hotel staff
Staff from last night’s hotel

Bearing in mind I’m on the main East West highway the main road across Nepal, cycled for eight hours and all I’ve seen all day is ten lorries on the road, no cars, no busses and only a handful of motorbikes! It’s been eerily quiet the only other people on the roads were other cyclist’s local obviously, (although I did meet another brit on a bike heading towards Kathmandu) and the police and army! Apparently there was some strike today don’t know what it’s about or how it works but if it means the roads are going to be as quiet tomorrow as they have been today let’s hope it continues!

Motorbike on a road
The other traffic on the road today.

It’s been a flat ride nearly all day apart from some pass I had to cross at 700 metres and that’s where I met my fellow Brit on his way to Kathmandu. He’d been on the road for two years now and had started in England and cycled to Greece where he caught a flight to India. I don’t think he had any major target or aim apart from he liked to go wherever he could weed from and get stoned! Each to their own!

Cows on a road
And the other traffic!

Staying at a nice little guesthouse tonight.

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  1. Hi Garry! I got Lamahi on Google. Impressed by the roads – better than the Isle of Wight. Just think, you could meet old cyclists who have gone out there and never come home.

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