Sunday 13th October. Doubs.

Decided to have a day off today. I didn’t arrive here until after 5 o’clock yesterday, and then instead of putting my tent up, I decided to have a beer in the campsite bar!

Bad mistake, although it probably wouldn’t have made much difference! The light and sun had already started to go, and any hope of drying the tent out had already gone!

The tents always wet when I’m touring, due to my early departures in the morning!

After setting up camp and realising everything was wet I went for something to eat, in the hope that things would dry out by the time I returned!

Not a chance, things only got wetter! And to top it all my phone died! So I couldn’t even write my blog!

Waking up at 4am I realised I hadn’t posted for the day, and proceeded to blog.Well after such an early start and everything being wet, I decided to take the day off!

Not done a lot today, went in search of a supermarket, but they are all closed on a Sunday! Then sat in the campsite bar and met my latest friend, Tyson!

But at least I caught up with my washing, made some more boring videos on YouTube and sat around drinking beer! Not a bad day at all really!

Apologies for the lack of photos, for some reason I can’t upload any! Not too sure if it’s the phone or too much beer on my part!

2 Replies to “Sunday 13th October. Doubs.”

  1. Well, who can resist a campsite Bar? I was surprised by that early blog. I did comment but I think it got wiped. What’s going to happen now? How many hills have you encountered on this trip? Are you getting fitter?

    1. Certainly not me!
      Heading up towards Germany now, which hopefully will be as flat as it’s been so far!
      I must be getting fitter, if I’m not, there’s not a lot of hope really!

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