Cycle Touring England Sunday 13th September. Brockenhurst to Bognor Regis. 49 miles.

Set off nice and early from camp this morning and I arrived at the Hythe to Southampton ferry at about 8.45 only to find out that the first ferry doesn’t leave until 9.40 on a Sunday! Rather than hang around for nearly an hour I thought that I would take the long way round and cycle it, it wouldn’t be any quicker but at least I’d be moving! As I was just about to set off I noticed that some people were starting to walk down the long pier that leads to the ferry, maybe they were just tourists wanting to have a look, but they didn’t look like tourists! Then a group of men started to walk down the pier and they certainly weren’t tourists, so I stopped one of them to ask if the ferry was running despite the timetable saying that it didn’t. Turned out that because the Southampton boat show was on they were running an earlier ferry so people who worked there could arrive before 10 o’clock when it opened! Once I was in Southampton I followed the national cycle route 2 towards Portsmouth which is mainly on quiet country roads or of road entirely. Unfortunately by the time I’d got to Portsmouth I’d picked up a strong easterly wind that I was cycling into so once again I jumped on a train for the last 20 miles or so to come home. Think I might only be home for a few days before I set off somewhere else, although I don’t know where yet, I open to suggestions!

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