Sunday 14 September. Deviot East to Brora. 67 miles.

When I got up this morning there was know mist it was clear for a change, first time since I’ve been in Scotland, even the tent wasn’t as wet as it normally is! Once I’d packed up and loaded the bike up I set off on my way, it was a nice start to the day as I had a nice hill to go down only trouble was I soon hit the mist and this time it was really thick I could only see about 20 metres ahead! Luckily this only lasted for the first half of an hour and then the sun came out once again. It’s not been a particularly hard ride today although just after lunch I did pick up a fairly strong head wind which was pretty chilly too, it was coming straight off the north sea, by about 4 o’clock I’d had enough and stopped for the day. I was hoping to get a little bit further today so I could have an easy day tomorrow, think I’ve got about 65 miles to go before I get to John O’Groats, don’t know what I’m doing then I’ll look at my options at the time!

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