Travelsonabike2 Adgestone 14th-April-2019

Travelsonabike2 bike ride Sunday 14th-April-2019 Brockenhurst to Adgestone. 30 miles. One thing I forgot to mention yesterday, I actually remembered to check my tyres before setting off! Usually I don’t bother, then wonder why I struggle to cycle when the tyres are flat! And, of course, it wears the tyres out a lot quicker. I dreed to think how many tyres I’ve got through over the years because I’ve not bothered to check the tyre pressure.

Trees camp cooker

Fresh but sunny start to the day

It was a bit fresh early this morning, but lovely and sunny. And I was late getting on the road, on purpose. I had a late start and early finish today! I didn’t leave the New Forest until ten o’clock and was all set up for the night by three-thirty. And forty minutes of that was on a ferry!

Even though I’ve only come a short distance today, it’s been a hard ride! There’s been a strong headwind, which is also forecast to continue tomorrow! That’s one of the reasons why I left the New Forest. I didn’t fancy sixty miles cycling into a strong wind! So I’ve decided to split it, thirty miles to the Isle of Wight today, the thirty miles home tomorrow! Although, to be honest, if it is blowing a gale tomorrow, I’ll probably jump on the train.

Road ponies and gorse

Plenty of ponies on the road this morning

Cycling through the New Forest was pleasant, and there were plenty of ponies on the road this morning. I tried to drag the ride out a bit by diverting onto the minor roads of the New Forest. Although judging by some of the traffic, you wouldn’t think they were B roads.

Once on the Isle of Wight, I went on another detour, taking the B roads and the cycle route. And glad I did. There was a nasty accident on the main road from Yarmouth to Newport, which would normally have been the route I’d take. I could see it in the distance as I was drudging up some hill. I don’t know what was involved, but I could see a bus. But they may have just been caught up in the traffic jam. There was plenty of fire engines and ambulances. I just hope everybody was okay.

Thatched cottage

Thatched cottage in Calborne

I’ve been following, or maybe they’ve been following me! There was a family in a campervan that I’d spoken to last night in the New Forest. I then saw them again on the ferry to Yarmouth. And now they’re on the same campsite as me again tonight! They assure me they’re staying here until next weekend and not following me!

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