Sunday 14th April. Brockenhurst to Adgestone. 30 miles.

One thing that I forgot to mention yesterday, I actually remembered to check my tyres before setting off!

Trees camp cooker

Fresh but sunny start to the day

Late start early finish today! I didn’t leave the New Forest until 10 and was all set up for the night by 3.30pm. And 40-minutes of that was on a ferry!

Even though I’ve only come a short distance today, it’s been a hard ride! There’s been a strong headwind, which is forecast to continue tomorrow! That’s one of the reasons why I left the New Forest, I didn’t fancy 60-miles into a strong wind! So I split it, 30-miles today and 30-miles tomorrow!

Road ponies and gorse

Plenty of ponies on the road this morning

Although to be honest if it is blowing a gale tomorrow I’ll probably jump on the train in Portsmouth!

I saw another nasty road accident today, which was on the road that I would normally have taken! But knowing I didn’t have far to go today I went on a detour!

Been following a family in their campervan today, or they’ve been following me! I spoke to them last night in the New Forest, then saw them again on the ferry, and now they’re on this campsite!

Thatched cottage

Thatched cottage in Calborne

But they assure me they’re staying here until next weekend and not following me!

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