Sunday 14th July. Rosslare to Tramore. 52 miles.

That was a long evening and night last night! But definitely worth it, being able to catch the overnight ferry.

I forgot Stena ferries have a peculiar way of loading bikes, you go on as foot passengers, even to the point of lifting the bike on and off the shuttle bus! All the other ferries I know you cycle or walk on with all the other vehicles.

Old windmill
Tacaushune windmill, apparently the oldest Norman windmill in Ireland.

I got stopped going through passport control and had to wait a good 10-minutes while they went off and checked my passport! Didn’t know I was wanted by interpol!

Didn’t sleep very much on the ferry, maybe an hour or so, the seats are just so uncomfortable! And it wasn’t worth the expense of a birth for the short crossing.

Church at Carrig-on-Bannow

Arrived in Rosslare on time at 4am. Then after another trip in the shuttle bus I was outside the main terminal and soon on my way into the dark of night, although it soon became light.

There was a definite chill in the air first thing. I did think at one point, that maybe I should have bought more than just a pair of flipflops I’ve brought, my feet got pretty cold!

Ferry on water
My second ferry of the day

Plenty of stops today, it’s been a hard slog! And as soon as I came across my first campsite I stopped, I’ve got a feeling that I may have stopped here before!

I must admit that I’d forgotten how beautiful and green Ireland is, and I don’t think you’ll find a much better place when the sun is shining! I hope it continues, because it definitely isn’t nice in the wind and rain!

2 Replies to “Sunday 14th July. Rosslare to Tramore. 52 miles.”

  1. Been trying to get a picture of the Stena ferry. What a lovely little windmill. Didn’t associate Ireland with the Normans. In some ways, that island is better than the Isle of Wight. What’s for dinner chef?

    1. I didn’t know anything about the Norman’s either, but there was a lot of relics from them along that coast yesterday
      It’s definitely better than the IOW, it’s not so busy!

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