Sunday 14th June; YouTube Video

Another YouTube/Flickr video.

It’s May 2010, and Garry has had a few health issues, (nothing new there!) that have stopped him from travelling! But he’s had enough now, and is heading off with a pannier full of painkillers! This time he’s off to Italy. But to get there, he’s firstly cycling to Amsterdam!

After cycling through France and Belgium, Garry reached the Netherlands. Where he caught the train to Munich. Garry spent the day in Munich, before getting his final train to Venice, where he would start his bicycle tour of Italy. And hope his painkillers would last long enough to get him around Italy!

Read more on the Italy bicycle tour page.

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2 Replies to “Sunday 14th June; YouTube Video”

  1. Bloody lovely Garry. There’s no bullshit with you, you just do it. I’ve done the Italian lakes but it doesn’t compare with your coverage and you cycled overland. I went out to Seaview today by bus with a mask. Get back under the radar to avoid lockdown. he! he!

    1. Italy was good, I remember thinking when I arrived in Rome, that I’ve actually cycled here! And the long way round! Who’d have thought that a couple of years ago!
      Glad to see you’re getting out and about, you’re doing better than me!

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