Sunday 14th October 2012 – Urumqi to Turpan.

Urumqi to Turpan. 121 miles.

Got lost coming out of the city this morning, thought I’d be clever and go out a different way to what I came in! I eventually asked a policeman who got his phone out pulled a map up and then drew me a copy, he did tell me that I wasn’t allowed on the motorway, which of course I said I know, I wouldn’t do that! Anyway, directions in hand off I set, found the road I wanted to be on but it was closed, so ended up on the motorway again!

Think I’ve been up on a plateau for the past week as this afternoon I had a huge downhill, that must have been 40 or 50 long! The wind had also got up which was blowing me along, I hadn’t realised how windy it was coming down that hill as I was flying anyway, it wasn’t until it levelled off and I changed direction I felt how strong it really was. It was now coming across me, although still slightly behind me, I had to ride my bike at a 45° angle, I had a real job just staying upright, when a lorry would come past I’d have to stop or be blown off the road, even stopping I had a job to stand up! Once the lorry had past trying to get going was just as hard, I was just blown off the road, once I did mange to get going again after a couple of turns of the pedals I was up to 30 mph and this is on the flat, the wind was that strong, never known anything like it. Finished the day in a dust storm, I was glad to finish today it was pretty scary stuff!

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