Cycle Touring India Sunday 16th October. Dhule. 

They really are making it comfortable for me here, not only did they set me up with a good internet connection, Deepam has only gone and put all the English speaking channels on the tv in my room now! I knew I was better off staying here rather than that hospital!

As comfortable and nice as it is here, I really need to get moving though!

But I suppose until I’m fit and able to do a good days ride I’ll just have to stay put.

Been doing my domestic chores today, my washing! Don’t get me wrong I wash my under crackers and t-shirt everyday just not my trousers or shorts!

Can’t believe that the only thing I can write about is me doing my washing!

I seem to be settling in to a bit of a routine, I get up go for breakfast, go back to my room and rest, get up for lunch then back to my room once again for a rest then after a couple of hours I go out for a shortish walk. I like to go out for a walk late afternoon early evening just to see how I feel.

Indian men
Some of the locals I talk too.

I usually walk down the street to the crossroads and have a chat with a few of the locals, (that’s the normal strained chat that nobody fully understands but we all have a rough idea!) then call in for a beer at the little bar that’s along the road on the way back to the hotel.

Indian bar
My local

Before going into the hotel I usually call in at the little stall across the road from the hotel and get some biscuits or crisps, just in case I get the munchies!

India shop
My local shop with the whole family outside

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