Sunday 16th September 2012 – From one place I didn’t have a clue to another!

127 miles.

There really isn’t a lot to see around here, so it was just a case of head down and get the miles in.

Bit worrying earlier today I was down to my last litre of water and according to my map there didn’t look as if there was anything near either. I’d started the day off short, I hadn’t been able to get any water last night and it’s started to get hot again. I started to feel really thirsty, as you always do when you know you don’t have much to drink and a bit cranky, I had done 80 miles already and it was only just after 1pm! Luckily I came across cafe and was able to rehydrate, eat and stock up on water. I drank two litres of fizzy nearly straight away plus a litre of water with my lunch! Perhaps I was a lot more thirsty than I thought!

Not too sure about tonights campsite, there’s absolutely no cover what so ever, it’s so open and flat, thankfully my tents the same colour as the scenery, brown, hopefully I’ll just blend in I have come away from the road a bit. It’s just so dry everywhere .

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