Sunday 18th August 2012 – Caspian Sea, Aktau

Not the best nights sleep I’ve ever had, I managed to get my head down on a settee in the communal lounge, it was also where the tv was, so most of the staff kept coming in during the night and putting dvd’s on at least until 2am!

Managed to sort of stay asleep until nearly 8am, despite the crew just coming in making a noise and then going back out, perhaps they were trying to get me out, because as soon as I did get up they were in the room again playing their American dvd’s all very badly dubbed over in Russian!

Spent the day watching more dvd’s, playing table tennis and going for walks around the boat, which takes all of 5 minutes!

We docked in Aktau at about 5.30pm after nearly 28hrs at sea, we then had to wait for customs to come onboard, which seemed to take forever. After they’d inspected the boat and us I thought we would finally get off! But no we still had to wait, when they eventually let us off we then had to pass through border control which was the same people we’d just been seen by!

The whole process only took 2hrs, think it just felt a lot longer because I was so bored of being on the boat!

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