Sunday 18th December 2011

Sun 18. Raipur to Sarapali. 96 miles

Hard ride today, the roads been awful, it’s been so rough I’ve spent as much time riding on the mud verge, as the road it’s been smoother!

No tv crews or papers today, just people asking me for my autograph and wanting to take my photo! God knows why! If I start charging for photos, it might fund this trip! Perhaps they’ll be groupies outside my door next!?

Fairly uneventful day, saw a sign saying leopards and still signs for tigers but still not seen any. Saw more monkeys, went through this village and there was loads of them on the roofs of the houses.

Don’t mind these cheap hotels just wish they’d have hot water and a proper toilet, still it’s better than no hotel and for under a fiver can’t really expect too much.

Having something to eat I was joined at the table as I normally am by a young man who was telling me how much he earns £131 a month as an officer trainee-seeds! He has a wife and baby to support!

What was I just saying about groupies? 11.30 and I get a knock on the door, it’s 2 men wanting to talk to me about what I’m doing, why and generally talk! Not quite the groupies I was expecting but hey ho!

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