Australia, Cycling to Australia 18th March 2012

Garry McGivern is in Australia cycling across the country on Sunday, the 18th of March 2012, after cycling all the way from the UK. Denpasar, Indonesia, to Perth, Australia, by aeroplane. I had a mad dash this morning to try and find another bag for my panniers. The bag I’d originally bought was way too big. The big chequered plastic bags that I usually use were nowhere to be found, despite everybody knowing what I was talking about!

Man waving on a bike
Cycling in Indonesia

I’d met Jenny last night, a New Zealander living in Sydney who was on holiday here. She knew more about the shops around here than me! So she helped me find a suitable bag. Although that didn’t work out too well, I ended up buying a suitcase, which wasn’t cheap! But it was the biggest and lightest thing I could find. It was nice to have Jenny’s company for a few hours.

I said goodbye to Jenny, and we exchanged email addresses. The hotel had supplied a taxi to the airport, and I was there in plenty of time. Unsurprisingly, my bags were overweight, but the kind girl at check-in let me move things around.

Country Number 18

The flight to Australia was smooth, and I only had slight turbulence. I landed in Perth on time. It was dark when I landed and felt pretty cold to me! I think I’ve gotten used to those tropical temperatures of Indonesia. The taxi from the airport took me past “The Wacca” apparently, it’s a cricket ground. Am I back in India!?

I was a bit disappointed with the hotel. There was nobody to help me with my bags, and internet access cost four pounds for half an hour! In fact, I’m not entirely sure this is a hotel, although it was advertised as one. There’s no bar or restaurant, and I’ve got a hob to cook on in my room.

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