Sunday 18th March – Denpasar to Perth, Australia

Denpasar to Perth, Australia

Ended up going out and buying a suitcase this morning, the bag I’d brought was just to big although I got everything in it easily. The cheap chequered plastic bags that I normally get, were nowhere to be found, every shop and person I spoke to about them knew what I was talking about, but nobody had one or knew where to get one from. That’s why I brought the bag I did, bit of a panic buy I think! But realised this morning just how big it was. Very annoying as the case wasn’t cheap, but it was the biggest and lightest I could find.

Got to the airport in plenty of time as normal, went and checked in only to find I was over weight, thought it might have been but the girl on check-in was very good and I just had to move things around a bit.

Bit of turbulence on the flight but nothing too bad and it landed on time.

Bit disappointed with the hotel thought it had internet access which it does but you have to pay for it and it’s not cheap, over £4 for half an hour!

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