Sunday 19th February 2012. Singapore to Batam, Indonesia

Singapore to Batam, Indonesia

Got to the ferry nice and early just in case there’s any problems, but everything was fine the only little bit of hassle was I had to unload the bike and have all the bags go through the x-ray machine then load them back on the bike. Hardly a major problem! After I’d loaded it back up they then took the bike of me as it gets loaded separately.

Bit of a relief to see my bike on the boat as I boarded, at least it was on the same boat as me!

The ferry journey only took about an hour and I was soon on Batam.

Was expecting a bit of hassle with the visa on arrival, as everything I’d read, said you needed a return ticket out of Indonesia by plane not ferry and all I had was a return ferry ticket. Well that was a waste of money I wasn’t asked anything about getting back at all, the only thing the customs man was interested in was where I was heading and that was only in conversation, he even told me where to go for my next ferry! Which was about 20km away. Again the only hassle was putting all my bags through the x-ray machine!

Found my way to the next ferry terminal and booked myself on the ferry to Sumatra tomorrow morning. No hotels near the ferry terminal only golf resorts, so cycled back the 20km to Batam centre to find a hotel.

Once I’m on Sumatra I’ll be able to get cycling again.

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