Travelsonabike2 India Sunday 20th-November-2016

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in India on Sunday, 20th-November-2016. In Delhi. I was going to pack my bike away this morning but then decided it’s easier to play the tourist on the bike rather than walking.

The Red Fort
The Red Fort

First on the list was the Red Fort which I really liked, obviously I never went in I just did my normal touristy thing, look at it briefly from the outside, photograph it then move on!

The Red Fort
The Red Fort viewed from Netaji Subhash way

Opposite the Red Fort on Netaji Subhash Way, there was a market going on, and I’ve never seen so many people at a market before it was chaos, even more so than the normal chaotic scenes in India!

Parliament building
Parliament building viewed from the rear

After the Red Fort, things went a bit downhill on the sightseeing front as most of the other things on my list I couldn’t actually see from the road very well!

Gandi memorial
In memory of the countless Indians who generation after generation, struggled and sacrificed against foreign rule

But I still had a nice ride around Delhi, covering about 20 miles in about 5 hours, and I saw some monkeys and had loads of “selfies” taken!

Tomb of Khan-i-Khana
The tomb of Khan-i-Khana under renovation

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4 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 India Sunday 20th-November-2016”

  1. Not so much a herd as a swarm. Cyclists are outside looking in. It’s good to be on the open road. Anyway, congratulations = another tour under your belt. Will you take me on your next one. (tandem?) I’d like to cycle through to Marseilles.

    1. Thank you Malcolm, unfortunately I don’t ride tandams! But if you cycle there I’d meet you there and we could have a Pastis together!

  2. Hi Spike it looks lovely!! How is the money situation in India now? I have a friend taking a train journey holiday. Take care and enjoy your last few days x

    1. Not good at all! There are still long queues at the ATM’s and banks, that’s if you can find one that’s open! And apparently the airports don’t seem to have any rupees either! My advice would to be to bring small dollar bills, they’ll probably still struggle to use them but at least they might stand a chance! I did hear that some indians were taking pound coins but i’m not too sure how true that is!

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