Sunday 20th October. Arnhem to Rotterdam. 78 Miles.

A much better ride today, no wind and no rain, although it was rather chilly, but I’ll take the cold over the rain any day!I’ve spent the whole day on cycle paths, in fact since I’ve been in Holland I don’t think I’ve cycled on a single road!

Man and dog sculpture
Amusing sculpture, is it Snoopy

How things have changed, I remember the last time I came here I got nothing but abuse from car drivers, as I cycled along the roads!

Road trees
This is how roads should be

But back then we didn’t have the app’s we have today, it was a good old paper map!

Water bikes bridge
It’s Holland, canals and bicycles!

And of course the maps I use are of the whole country, and don’t show minor, or rather smaller towns! According to my maps, there was nothing between Arnhem and Rotterdam!

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  1. I thought that was a Henry Moore. It looks like a cyclists delight out there if you don’t get a sore arse. What sort of gear do you use on those roads? I’ve been looking up self stick patches for punctures but people say they’re not all that reliable.

    1. It may well be, I’m not cultured enough to know!
      I’ve used those self sticking patches before, they’re okay for a while, but then they de- laminate!

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