Eurovelo Bicycle-Tour Video Austerlitz

Eurovelo Bicycle-Tour Video Austerlitz. A video posted on Garry’s YouTube Channel took on his 1,700-mile cycle ride around Europe.

After nearly a month of cycling, Garry’s almost reached Rotterdam, which will be the end of his ride. Garry started his ride in St-Malo after catching the ferry from England. From St-Malo, Garry cycled to Saint-Brevin-les-Pins on the Atlantic coast. And the start of Eurovelo route 6. Garry then followed the Eurovelo route to Basil in Switzerland. Garry picked up the Rhine River from Basil, taking him through France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

After nearly a month of cycling, Garry’s almost reached Rotterdam, which will be the end of his Eurovelo adventure. In the video, Garry gives an update on his progress. The video was shot near Austerlitz and posted live on Garry’s YouTube Channel.

Eurovelo Bicycle-Tour Video Austerlitz

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2 Replies to “Eurovelo Bicycle-Tour Video Austerlitz”

  1. That’s the stuff. Can’ wait for you to get to Rotterdam. I got lost there trying to find the Centrum. God!, you’ve covered some ground. Do they just wave you through at customs?

    1. Finding the centre of any city was always a nightmare, but not anymore with these digital phones and apps!
      I wish they would just wave me through, I seem to get stopped each time.
      Coming over from Portsmouth at the beginning of this trip, I even had to go through the x-ray machine! Thankfully my bionic hip never set it off!!

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