Bike-Ride to Australia 22nd-April-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Sunday 22nd-April-2012 Mittagong to Sydney. 93 miles. No rush today as I knew Sydney wasn’t that far away, and Jenny wouldn’t be home till late. And as it turned out, it was downhill nearly all the way. I’ve had plenty of company today, with several different cyclists joining me. I was even riding along with a judge! I thought of giving him my fine to sort out but thought it probably wasn’t a good idea!

Man with bike by bridge
It had to be done

I found my way into the city fairly easily, mainly due to the help of other cyclists. I thought I’d go and see the bridge and opera house and obviously get my photo taken in front of them! As I couldn’t go to Jenny’s, until late.

After doing the tourist bit, it was time to go and find Jenny’s. That didn’t get off to the best of starts. I started heading in the wrong direction! After realising I’d gone wrong, I turned around. But not before going up and down some big hill, which I had to do again, but hey ho. I then got yet another puncture!

Let’s Try Again

With the puncture fixed, I then had to ride over the Anzac bridge, which I wasn’t meant to do, judging by all cars that were tooting! Once over the bridge, it was one straight road to the suburb Jenny lived in, in theory!

The light started to fade, so I went to put my lights on, forgetting that my rear light had broken and fallen off the other day. Luckily I’d retrieved it and kept it in my panniers. After a bit of phaffing around, I managed to reattach it with some cable ties, which stayed on long enough to get me to Jenny’s.

The last mile or so was a bit confusing, so Jenny drove out to find me. I think Jenny forgot I was on a bike at times, judging by her speed. I arrived at Jenny’s at about 7 pm in the end and carried my bike up to her apartment.

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