Sunday 22nd April. Adgestone to Bognor Regis. 34 miles.

What a storm that was last night! I’ve not heard a storm like that for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve been in a tent in that bad a storm, apart from in Spain when I got caught in a mini tornado! One good thing at least I didn’t need my head torch on with all the lightning! Not too sure how long the storm went on for but I remember the rain stopping at around midnight.

Garry McGivern
Cycling along Ryde pier

Very leisurely start to the day, I got up at my normal time of about 6 o’clock, but I didn’t rush to pack away I thought I’d let everything dry out which it didn’t! But it was still good to be lazy!

Looking back along the pier towards Ryde

I caught the Fastcat from the island back to Portsmouth; then it was a nice fast ride home with a good tailwind.

Old crane
Disused crane at the end of Ryde pier

Once home I had a quick couple of pints in the pub before coming home to dry the tent out and wash my clothes ready for the off again tomorrow.

4 Replies to “Sunday 22nd April. Adgestone to Bognor Regis. 34 miles.”

    1. Spring, best time of the year to go away, the days are long and it’s normally a very pleasant temperature!
      On a different note I now know why you complain about the state of the roads on the island! The other day cycling through Newport was a nightmare potholes and bumps everywhere!

  1. Lovely photos! Lovely pier!Have you been to Adlestrop? Edward Thomas wrote a poem about it. Reminds me of Adgestone. Why don.t you take me and Julie on the green route to Paris next time. Or get a tandem for you and Julie.

    1. I may have passed through Adlestrop I don’t know!
      Get you’re bike ready then, I maybe going sooner than you think??
      I have offered to take Julie in the past but she doesn’t like ferries very much!

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