Sunday 22nd January 2012 – Pakmong to Louanghrabang.

Pakmong to Louanghrabang. 69 miles

Had a dream today that I was riding along and didn’t have any huge mountains to go up. Hold on it wasn’t a dream it actually happened, no big climbs at all today, just a nice ride along the banks of the river Nam Ou, although I’ll pay for it tomorrow as it’s a 22km climb out of this city, but no point worrying about it, that’s tomorrow or maybe not I might stay another night!

Stopped in a hotel tonight as I wanted to have the internet, a lot more expensive, but still cheap compared to european prices. Asked where to go for some dinner and they directed me to this night market which sounded really good. It was nice if you like buying tourist goods and be charged a lot of money for the privilege! Sounds really snobbish but I don’t want to be where every other tourist is being charged 10,000 kip for a beer, which only last night I payed 1500 kip! Needless to say I didn’t stay there for long!

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