Cycle Touring England Sunday 24th January. Christchurch to Bognor Regis. 69 miles.

It was a damp and murky start to the day but not cold, far from it I almost wished I’d brought my shorts! Considering the sub zero temperatures we had last week it was positively balmy, a good 20 degrees warmer! Anyway I left the hotel once again undecided as to where to go! I was thinking about going to the Isle of Wight and cycling around the southern side and then maybe stop the night over there, just so I could get more miles in, which was my main reason for going away in the first place, I was hoping it would relieve my back a bit! Not that I’m in a lot of pain it just always feels better after a good cycle ride! I reached Lymington which is where I would have caught the ferry across to the Isle of Wight but I really wasn’t feeling that good I was really struggling, my back was aching and my leg was in a lot of discomfort! So I thought it was probably best to go home via the New Forest, it might be a little further but it certainly isn’t as hilly as going across the Isle of Wight would have been! After struggling across the New Forest, past Southampton and Portsmouth It was about 20 miles from home when I suddenly realised why I was in a lot of discomfort and struggling so much, I’d forgotten to take my tablets this morning! I think I was so excited at the thought of stuffing my face at the breakfast buffet I’d completely forgotten to take them! I immediately took them and ten miles from home they’d kicked in and I was feeling really good once again and now wished that I’d remembered to take them first thing, I could have got a few more miles in then! Never mind maybe I’ll go out somewhere tomorrow providing I remember to take my medication that is!!

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