Sunday 24th May. Odeceixe to Setubal. 94 miles.

Another long day today but then I need to really as my ferry back to England from Santander leaves on the 1st June and it’s it bit tight to cycle all that way in the time that I have, I might have to get a train at some point we’ll see how it goes. Not too sure if I took the quickest or easiest route today as I ended up going over some big hill and ended up a bit further inland than I intended, I’m sure that’s not the route that I cycled before when I was here but then who knows, it doesn’t matter now I’m here. There’s been a strong wind blowing all day and I don’t mean in my pants! Sometimes it’s been blowing across me then against me then behind me, it’s been a pain in the arse really! The last 10 miles or so along the Troia peninsula to Troia seemed to take forever, there was however one or two other touring cyclists going the other way which broke it up a bit talking to them, one was a Brazilian girl who was cycling around the coast to Italy. It did cross my mind to ask her if she had a cut in her countries name sake but I thought twice on that one and just wished her well on her tour!

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