Sunday 25th March 2012 – Merredin to Yellowdine.

Merredin to Yellowdine. 90 miles

Didn’t get off to the best of starts this morning, left the motel just before 7, got half a mile down the and thought I’d better put my gloves on seeing as the sun was already pretty strong, went to get them out of my bar bag only to discover they weren’t in there, so off I went back to the motel to look in my room. Took a while to find them but eventually I did, the trouble was there the same colour as the bedspread which is why I didn’t see them when I left earlier.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to have a headwind all the way across western Australia.

If I’m in the desert, which I don’t think I am yet it’s a bit wet, it rained last night and it’s been raining all afternoon!

Was going to stop at a town called Southern Cross, but the hotel there was run by the most unhelpful landlady going. When I went into the reception area there was a sign saying ring bell for service, but there wasn’t a bell, I heard some noise from down the corridor so I went to see if I could find somebody, after walking past a little dog that wouldn’t stop growling I found the kitchen where a strange looking women was pottering around, I explained that I couldn’t find the bell which is why I came looking, she told me it’s in the bar and if I went and rang it somebody would come. Back I went to find the bell, rang it and out came the strange lady, who said they don’t have any rooms! Found a roadhouse about 20 miles down the road that had accommodation. Dinner was heavenly, I had roast beef with all the trimmings, I’ve been dreaming of a roast for months!

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