Sunday 26th February 2012. Tapan to Butngatangung.

Tapan to Butngatangung. 81 miles.

Late start today it was pouring with rain, think it had been raining nearly all night. It started to ease off at about 8 so I decided to leave, in the hope that it would stop, which thankfully it did, although it stayed cloudy all day, so it was nice and cool today.

Couldn’t find a hotel tonight, again! They just seem to be so few and far between, so I was getting all set to camp again tonight, when I went passed this house and as normal everybody’s shouting, “hi mister” then the man from the house said stay here, you sleep in my house! At first I ignored it then thought why not it’s got to be better and easier than camping!

Turns out there a muslim family, so the beer I got for in my tent I’ve left in my panniers! Be good to carry extra weight around all day! He’s an english teacher and I think she looks after the little shop they’ve got and the two small children. Had most of the village come along and see me tonight, including his sister in law who showed a little bit too much interest,as pretty as she was! Managed to survive her and got through the evening!

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