Sunday 26th July; YouTube Video

Sunday 26th July YouTube video. May 2020, the Covid-19 lockdown has just been eased, and Garry’s been out and about on his bike. After leaving home, Garry wondered where to go, and as usual, he couldn’t decide! All Garry knew was, he wanted to get away from the coast before all the grockles arrived!

After bimbling around North Mundam, Merston and Lavant Garry now finds himself in Chichester. Although none of these places are new to Garry, after 7 weeks of being stuck at home, they felt new!


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2 Replies to “Sunday 26th July; YouTube Video”

  1. You don’t even stop to look at the flowers. What a lovely trip without all the cars You could have gone to Surrey, that’s a nice county. When you think, there are hundreds of world cyclists out there and some just disappear for years like Livingstone. Save us from the Grockles!

    1. Of course not, for the same reason I don’t stop at cafés!
      Surrey is a lovely place, the only trouble is, there’s the Southdowns between us! Maybe I’ll head there on a day trip, sometime in the future.
      I bet the Isle of Wight is overrun with tourists, the same as it is here! I might pop over there in September, I’ll see how things are then.

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