Sunday 27th July. Bridestow to Highbridge. 83 miles.

Nice ride again today I’m out of Devon and now in Somerset and there’s a lot more flat riding it’s not constantly up or down! I’m wondering whether or not I should give my bike a name. My friend Mick who’s into his cars and has several always gives them names and he’s christened my other bike the pub bike, the name of Gulliver, so maybe I should follow suit with my touring bike and name it! I was thinking of calling it Phileas after Phileas Fogg obviously, because he went round the world and so has the bike, admittedly not in 80 days but it still went around. Then I was thinking that maybe it shouldn’t be Phileas, but Passepartout his faithful man servant who also went around the world but carried all the luggage as does the bike! So Phileas or Passepartout that’s the question? Found a lovely little campsite tonight well it’s not actually a campsite, they don’t normally allow tents it’s caravans only but the owner said he was more than happy to let me stay seeing as it’s only for one night and there not that busy! As an added bonus they’ve got wifi but my laptop seems to have died so it doesn’t really help! And as another bonus the people in the caravan next door supplied me with supper tonight! All this and he only charged me £5 to camp, even better than last night!

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