Cycle Touring England Sunday 27th September. Portsmouth to Bognor Regis. 43 miles.

It’s been a long day in the saddle for not very many miles! Mainly down to the fact that I spent most of the day just poodling around Portsmouth once again! It’s surprising how much you don’t know about a place that you visit all the time! For instance there used to be a huge chain that spanned the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour which was pulled up to stop enemy ships entering it! That’s today’s useless piece of information out the way! I also spent quite a lot of time on Southsea seafront which is right next to Portsmouth. As I was cycling along I found myself caught up in a cycling event called pedal Portsmouth a fun ride designed to get people cycling more, I just went along with the flow and joined in. There was some pretty old bikes there as well as the normal more modern type. There was a good atmosphere about the event with loads of families with small children taking part. Before I got caught up in the cycling event I was down in the old docks watching the fishermen bringing in the days catch. Before I knew where I was it was mid afternoon and I hadn’t made my mind up where I was going to camp tonight, originally I was thinking of heading down to the New Forest for the night but it was getting a bit too late to go all that way now not that it’s that far but it just seemed a waste to get there relatively late then have to leave tomorrow as the site shuts for the winter! I also pondered about having another night in Portsmouth but in the end I just decided to have a slow ride home. I did do a good deed on the way however! I passed two young lads who were looking at one of the bikes so I stopped to ask them if they were alright to which they replied one of the bikes had a flat tyre, so I just simple pumped it up for them, they only had about half a mile to go so I’m sure it would have stayed up long enough to get them home.

Photos; unloading the boats in the old Portsmouth harbour and a couple of old bikes along Southsea seafront.

Boats in the harbour
Old fashioned bikes

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2 Replies to “Cycle Touring England Sunday 27th September. Portsmouth to Bognor Regis. 43 miles.”

  1. It’s a long way from Murmansk. I would have enjoyed that Portsmouth ride. My bike is 65 years old. Penny Farthings are coming back in fashion. You can hire one at Vernon Cottage cafe in Shanklin.

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