Sunday 28th October 2012 – Shandan to Yongchang.

Shandan to Yongchang. 64 miles.

Hard ride today, not done nowhere near as many miles as I wanted! Spent the first six hours going up hill and it wasn’t particularly downhill afterwards, it was for a short while, but then I had a bit of a headwind. I was glad to stop and it made a change to finish before six!

Been riding alongside the great wall, although it didn’t look quite so great, it looked as if it was made of mud, still an impressive sight though.

It was probably a good thing stopping where I am, it’s probably a lot cheaper than the bigger cities, I can get a room in a good hotel for around £20 with breakfast (tonights hotel is £12!) A good meal in a restaurant with beer for under £10 and four pints of beer from a shop to have in my room for under £1! Think I might need to cut down, I seem to be drinking at least six pints a night or 3600ml, not too sure on the conversion!

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