Sunday 29th July 2012 – Istanbul to Sakarya.

Istanbul to Sakarya. 86 miles.

Didn’t get riding until nearly 9.30 this morning, the ferry to cross the Bospherous didn’t leave until 9 o’clock, but that was fine as I was very nervous about riding today!

For most of the day I kept asking myself why I’m doing this, I’d already done what I’d set out to do, every time a lorry a car got a bit close I thought I was going to be knocked off again! It’s been really winding me up today thinking about that women knocking me off and how I used to really enjoy my cycling, but at the moment I’m really not, hopefully it’ll improve in the next few days the more cycling I do! Also look like I’ve just started cycling with my brand new panniers and new top, it’s a bit like when you’ve got new trainers, you like them but your glad when they’ve dulled down a bit!

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