Travelsonabike2 England Sunday 29th-October-2017

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is bicycle touring England on Sunday, the 29th-October-2017. Ouistrem, France to Portsmouth by ferry, then onto the Isle of Wight to Brighstone. 30 miles. I slept in the bar last night! And no, not because I was drunk and fell asleep! It was the most comfortable place to sleep! Not being able to get a cabin last night meant having to sleep in one of the reclining chairs, but after seeing the sofa, I quickly grabbed one of them!

Garry’s bed for the night

Not such a smooth crossing as I’ve been used to of late but it was still ok.

War memorial
The war memorial along Southsea Common Portsmouth
Some Things Never Change

I was very confused this morning as to what time it was. What with the hour difference between France and England, that’s normally ok and really not that hard to work out! It had more to do with the end of British summertime and the clocks going forward an hour. I wasn’t too sure whether my phone had updated or not!

Brighstone cliffs
The cliffs at Brighstone

Once disembarked from the ferry, I rode the short distance along Portsmouth seafront to go and annoy my friend Liz who lives in Portsmouth!

After leaving Liz’s, I was wondering whether I should go home or go somewhere else. I eventually decided to go to the Isle of Wight. After all, had I gone to Paris, which was my original plan, I wouldn’t have been home until tomorrow anyway. Also the campsite at Brighstone that I use closes on Tuesday so this would be my last opportunity to go here this year!

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  1. No cabin in October? Why are so many people moving backwardzs and forwards. What a strange mix up with the time zones!

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