Cycle Touring India Sunday 30th October. Lucknow.

I decided to stay put in the end today, as I said yesterday I wanted to upload some videos onto the website.

All of the annoying videos that I’ve taken so far on this trip can be viewed in the link below if your really that bored!

Staying put was definitely the right choice on a different front as I developed a bad stomach mid morning and without going into any detail I’m so glad that I wasn’t cycling and the toilet was close by!

There’s plenty of rickshaws about

Every time I develop an upset stomach which is very rarely it’s always when I stay in a poshish hotel!

Vidhan Sabha Lucknow
Vidhan Sabha Lucknow

All the time I stay in, shall we say lower stared establishments I seem to be fine! I eat salads which they say you shouldn’t, I clean my teeth with tap water again they say that’s something that you shouldn’t do and I eat at street stalls where the plates and forks are only just rinsed with water and that water probably isn’t the cleanest! But all this I believe helps builds up the immune system!

Post office building in Lucknow
The general post office Lucknow

I think that the bigger posher hotels sort of try and do the food hygiene thing but get it wrong hence an upset stomach!

I only ventured out late afternoon and that wasn’t too far and watched the fireworks from the hotel roof in the evening, all those sudden bangs could have ended in tears!

Diwali fireworks

Hopefully I’ll be ok tomorrow!

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