Cycle Touring England Sunday 3rd April. Brockenhurst to Bognor Regis. 46 miles.

Well, I never did it make down the pub last night as it started to rain and I didn’t fancy getting wet so unfortunately I never got to meet up with Deb and Jim the couple I was going to meet with. But luckily I managed to catch up with them this morning. Turns out that they’ve sold everything, house, contents and all, all their possessions are now carried with them on the bike and their off cycling around the world! First stop for them is Spain, they’re catching the ferry from Portsmouth tonight, then it’s onto Portugal and the Pyrenees and that’s it, they’ve not thought any further and are going to make it up as they go along! I wished them luck and wished that I had more time to talk to them! You never know maybe I might bump into them somewhere along the way! My journey home was fairly non-eventful and I got the train home from Portsmouth. Although I did bump into a lot of nice people, at the “pink ferry” and on the train home, they were all keen to know where I was going or where I’d been with such a load, shame it was only to Dorset and the New Forest, but as I explained if I go away for the weekend or a year I still have to carry more or less the same amount of equipment! It’s been an enjoyable day what with talking to Deb and Jim first thing this morning then chatting with all those other people and then supper out with Julie tonight.


Garry McGivern
Garry in Swanage yesterday

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  1. What a lovely trip you had this weekend! Brought back such good memories of your world trip I am sure. I wonder where you will be next weekend. x

    1. It certainly did and it’s always good to bore people with my stories!
      Not too sure about next weekend yet I usually start to look at the weather forecast from about Wednesday on, then depending on that decide whether to go anywhere or not! Although I am struggling to think of places to cycle to in a weekend that I’ve not been to before!

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