Travelsonabike2 Bognor Regis 3rd-February-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2  bike ride to Bognor Regis, Sunday, 3rd-February-2019. Christchurch to Bognor Regis. 90 miles. That was a long hard day, eleven hours in the saddle! I think I may have got my stamina back. I’m not too sure about my cycling legs, though! They were aching before I even started this morning! But I’ve still had an enjoyable day, despite being completely knackered now. After yesterday’s ride, I was pretty tired and kept nodding off while eating supper. In fact, at one point, I nearly did a faceplant on my plate! It was at that point I decided to retire to bed!

Highcliffe Castle

One of the main reasons for such a long day today, apart from me being useless! Is I was pratting around in the New Forest, I kept going off on tangents! I was also dithering as to what I was going to do! Should I stay out another night? And if I do, should I camp or find a hotel? Or maybe I should just go home. Decisions decisions! In the end, I decided to head to the Isle of Wight as I knew of a campsite that was open.

I arrived in Lymington to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight, but I’d just missed it. And it was another hour before there was another one. So as per normal, Mr impatient couldn’t be bothered to hang around and wait. So I decided to continue to Southampton and get the ferry there.

Cobbled street with shops

After bimbling around the New Forest for a few hours, I arrived in Southampton. This time it was only a 45-minute wait for the ferry. Now I had another decision to make! Do I wait or not? After getting a bite to eat and milling it over, I finally decided to come home, mainly because the weather forecast for tomorrow was heavy rain! I know I want to go camping, but I’m not that desperate. There’s no joy whatsoever in cycling in the rain, especially in the winter!

Ponies in the snow
Now I couldn’t possibly come here without getting a picture of the ponies

I continued dithering about all the way home and kept changing my mind about which way to go! But as I said earlier, I’ve enjoyed the past two days, despite it being a struggle! And if I don’t try, I’ll never get my cycling legs back! And besides, before I know where I am, I’ll be back in the hospital having this hip replaced again!

Derelict barn
St Leonard’s Barn

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2 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 Bognor Regis 3rd-February-2019”

  1. You must be over the moon. 90 miles! I struggle to do twenty. You must have a comfortable saddle.. That Lymington ferry has been struggling..Nice photo O Lymington and St Leonards Barn.

    1. Definitely was pleased with the mileage, even if it did take a long time, I was actually on the road for 13-hours!
      A good old Brooks B17, you can’t beat them!
      I’ve noticed over the years how the Lymington/Yarmouth ferry seems to get less frequent each year!

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