Bike-Ride to Australia 4th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Sunday 4th-March-2012. In Bandar Lampung. I decided that I would stop another night. I was still feeling a bit tired after the past couple of days. Plus, my hands are starting to develop blisters from sunburn again! And besides, it’s always good to have the internet.

Smiling children
Everybody smiles around here

I spent all morning on the laptop, which totally kept my hands out of the sun. There’s not even a window in my room! Well, there is, but it’s behind a giant advertising board! My room is completely black unless I put a light on!

After finishing up on the laptop, I went out for lunch. While out, I found a couple of out-door type shops, which really surprised me. They even sold tents. I bought myself some fingerless gloves in one of the shops. I can’t believe I’m contemplating wearing gloves in 30° heat! But, I’ve got to try and do something to protect my hands from the sun.

Typical Sunday

I spent the afternoon in the hotel bar. It’s just like a Sunday at home! But they soon ran out of beer again! I’d told them last night that they needed to get more than eight cans in at a time. They’re obviously not used to drinkers! With the hotel dry, I went out for a walk to find my own beer.

I found a small shopping mall with a supermarket selling beer on my walk. Mission accomplished! There was a big hall at the mall, with a lot of noise coming out, which spiked my interest. So I went to investigate! It was a track with remote-controlled cars racing around. There were loads of them, and they went at a fair rate of knots! It was very popular, and I could see why I found it pretty interesting myself.

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