Sunday 5th February 2012 – Ban Huai Kriap to Lang Suan

Ban Huai Kriap to Lang Suan. 92 miles
Saw the Buddhist monks this morning at the motorway services going from one food vender to another getting gifts of food from each one and saying a prayer at each one, I presume they take it back to the temple for the other monks as they seemed to be getting quite a lot.

Went in some toilets at lunchtime and even though I looked at the sign, I still managed to go into the ladies! Bet I’m not the first bloke over here to go into the ladies, but the others probably dress and want to be women! Speaking of that every time I look at a pretty girl I wonder whether they ate really female or not, so I always look at the adams apple although I don’t think that that really helps as looking at a lot of Thai men they don’t seem to have one anyway! Apparently they can have it removed along with all their other bits! Probably best not to look, I should hate the thought of looking at a pretty girl only to find out it isn’t! Still at least it’s only looking it could be worse!!

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