Cycle Touring Nepal Sunday 6th November. Tribhuwan highway to Chisapani. 42 miles.

Cycling The Tribhuvan Highway Part 3

It’s been another ridiculously hard ride again today and I’ve still not made it to Kathmandu!

Tent by the side of the road
Last night’s campsite

I didn’t  have the best of sleep last night through fear of being run over in the night! As I said yesterday I was camped right on the apex of a corner, it was ok with the traffic going up the hill but the traffic coming down came round another corner before mine and I’d generally hear them coming from a long way away due to the way the road twisted and turned which meant they were only just above me! As I’d hear them coming I’d brace myself for when they came around that final corner and their headlights would light up my tent waiting for that moment of impact, which obviously and thankfully never happened!

Snow capped mountains
Snow capped mountains

Turns out I was only an hour away from a hotel last night in the end, but then that was an hour this morning on fresh legs and in the daylight!

Nepalese girl
Sharing my breakfast with the girl from the cafe

There have been some pretty impressive views of mountains today, not to sure if one of them was Everest or not, all the hotels and signs at the Simbhanjyang Pass said Everest view all I know is whatever they were they looked really majestic with their snow capped peaks.

Looking down from a mountain top
It’s a long way down! Thinking about it, it was a bloody long way up!

My main problem at the moment despite the normal ones! Is the daylight it just gets dark too early and these roads are really not a good place to be in the dark!

You’d think that after all the traveling I’ve done I would have learned not to listen to what the locals say when it comes to terrain and distances! The distances that I kept getting told yesterday were wildly different from 50km to 5km! And today was no different I’d been told that it was all downhill from Daman to Noubise then it was a gentle climb for the last 20 miles or so up to Kathmandu. Well, it wasn’t downhill from Daman at all and with that in mind, I should have thought harder! I debated as to whether to stop at one of the hotels in Noubise or to push on to Kathmandu, well me being me and always trying to push that extra mile I carried on, big mistake A; it wasn’t a gentle climb and B; the road was mega busy and already being a bit tired it really wasn’t the place to be!

Panoramic of mountains
Stunning views

It started to get dark again but once again there was nowhere to camp or stay, but at least tonight I knew how far I had to go so I just pushed on, luckily just as I was going to put my lights on I spotted this little place and even though it’s only about another 10 miles to go it can wait until tomorrow!

Despite this past couple of days being really hard, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself, although I wouldn’t want to go that way again!

Watch Garry’s YouTube video.

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  1. Corrugate iron? Do they still make that stuff? Lovely views but how you suffered for them.You’re not a masochist, you just grit your teeth.

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