Travelsonabike2 Nepal Sunday 6th-November-2016

Cycling The Tribhuvan Highway Part 3

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 Nepal Sunday 6th-November-2016. Somewhere on the Tribhuwan highway to Chisapani. 42 miles. It’s been another ridiculously hard ride again today, and I’ve still not made it to Kathmandu!

Tent by the side of the road
Last night’s campsite

Last night wasn’t the best nights sleep I’ve ever had, I was continually being woken up. As I said last night, my campsite was on the side of the road, on the apex of a corner. I thought that after a few hours, the traffic would stop, but it continued all night. It wasn’t so much that the traffic woke me up, although it did, no it was more the fear of being hit by one of these vehicles! If the truck/car was going up the hill, I felt safe with those. But if it was something coming down the hill that I didn’t like!

I could hear them coming from a long way away, as the road continued to twist and turn up the mountain. I’d lay there listening to the trucks, which it usually was getting nearer and nearer. Then the sound would disappear when the road twisted in a different direction. That only made it worse, because the next time I would hear it, was as it came around the final corner, and the headlights would light up my tent! I would just lay, hoping the truck would make the corner, and not run over me! As soon as it started to get light, I was up and on the road, my nerves couldn’t take anymore!!

Snow capped mountains
Snow capped mountains
Sound About Right!

It turned out I was only an hour away from several hotels last night! But that was an hour this morning on fresh legs and in the daylight! I think stopping when I did was the right decision! After all, there was no guarantee of any rooms being available, they may have even been closed by the time, I would have reached them, that’s if I would have reached them!

Nepalese girl
Sharing my breakfast with the girl from the cafe

I’ve had some spectacular views of the mountains today, especially as the landscape opened up at the Simbhanjyang Pass. Not too sure if I was looking at Everest as all the signs read “Everest view.” All I know is that whatever mountains they were, they were majestic, with their snow-capped peaks gleaming in the sun.

Looking down from a mountain top
It’s a long way down! Thinking about it, it was a bloody long way up!

My main problem at the moment despite the normal ones! Is the daylight, it gets dark too early, and these roads are really not a nice place to be in the dark!

Some People Never Learn

You’d think that after all the travelling I’ve done, I would have learned not to listen to what the locals say when it comes to terrain and distances! The distances that I kept getting told yesterday were wildly different, varying from 50km to 5km! And today was no different I’d been told that it was downhill from Daman to Noubise then it was a gentle climb for the last 20 miles or so up to Kathmandu. Well, it wasn’t downhill, and it wasn’t a gentle climb!

I’d debated whether to stop at one of the hotels in Noubise or push on to Kathmandu. After all, it wasn’t late, and it was only twenty miles, with a gentle climb! So I decided to push on, big mistake! For a start, it wasn’t a gentle climb, and the road was mega busy!

Panoramic of mountains
Stunning views

It started to get dark, and once again, there was nowhere to camp or stay! So I pushed on in the hope that it was only 20 miles to Kathmandu! Then out of the blue, or rather dark, appeared a hotel. I’ve only got another 10 miles to Kathmandu, but it can wait until tomorrow, that road was far too busy to be cycling on in the dark!

Despite a tough few days, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself, although I wouldn’t want to go that way again!

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  1. Corrugate iron? Do they still make that stuff? Lovely views but how you suffered for them.You’re not a masochist, you just grit your teeth.

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