Bicycle-Touring Europe 6th-October 2013

Bicycle-Touring Europe 6th-October 2013 Dubrovnik, Croatia to Sveti Stefan, Montenegro. 61 miles. It turned out that the hotel last night wasn’t such a bad choice after all. It was the only hotel along the road. The only other hotels were down in Dubrovnik, which involved another hill! I probably got a better view of the city this morning as I was riding out!

Houses by water
Looking back down on Dubrovnik

Talking to the barman last night, he told me that he could remember the Croatian war and the bombing of Dubrovnik in 1991! He was only ten at the time, but he says it is still a vivid memory! He also said that there is still a lot of distrust between Croatia and Serbia! He wouldn’t even mention Serbia. He would only refer to them, as them! He also said that he didn’t understand any resentment from the younger generation as they weren’t born! But maybe it’s still not that long ago, and they are reminded about it by their parents! It’s hard to believe that anything like that could happen in this day and age! I also remember it well.

At the Montenegro border

I had another big climb up to the Montenegro border, or rather the Croatian border. The Montenegrin border was halfway down the other side. Crossing the borders wasn’t any problem, although I was surprised to get a stamp from Montenegro. But hey, it’s always good to get another stamp in the passport!

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