Sunday 6th October 2013 – Dubrovnik to Sveti Stefan.

Dubrovnik to Sveti Stefan. 61 miles.

Turned out that the hotel last night wasn’t such a bad choice after all it was the only one on the road without dropping down into Dubrovnik itself which I didn’t want to do anyway, and I probably got a better view of the city this morning when I was riding out!
Talking to the barman last night he was telling me that he can remember when Dubrovnik was being bombed back in 1991, although he was only ten and that there’s still not a lot of distrust between the two countries and in fact he wouldn’t even mention Serbia, he would only refer to them as them. He did say that he didn’t understand any resentment from the younger generation as they weren’t born, but maybe it’s still not that long ago and they are reminded about it by their parents!
Big climb to get to the Montenegro border or rather the Croatian border, the Montenegrin border was halfway down the other side, as per normal, borders are either on water be it a river or sea or up a mountain!
A bit surprised to get a stamp at the border considering that Montenegro is part of the EU and uses the euro!

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