Sunday 6th October. Tours to Orleans. 77 Miles.

Another day of good mileage, I seem to be getting quite good at this cycle touring malarkey, and that’s even with it raining all morning!

Mona Lisa Muriel
Giant Mona Lisa on the steps in Blois

As I said the day started off wet and it continued to rain until well after midday! Because of the rain I decided to stick to the roads again, I couldn’t be bothered phaffing around following cycle routes going here there and everywhere! And let’s face it, I don’t need much of an excuse to go on the road!

Man in waterproofs
It’s that Leprechaun from Ireland again

It was a bit of a shame with the rain today, as I passed through some picturesque towns, but it was just too wet to get my camera out! And most definitely too wet to try and use my phone, those touch screens on smartphones are a nightmare in the rain, you end up deleting things!

Statue of a lady on a horse
Joan-of-Arc statue in Orleans

The sun did eventually come out this afternoon, but so did the wind! The last 20-miles or so was tough going!

4 Replies to “Sunday 6th October. Tours to Orleans. 77 Miles.”

  1. 77 miles! You’re a marvel. I’d give my back teeth to be there. You must be getting pretty good at the language. How did that green Martian get in the picture? Let’s face it, you’re probably healthier on the road than you are at home. I’ll bet you are staying at some lovely hotel with a late night bar he! he! En avant! I love those trompe l’oeil.

    1. I’m glad you’ve still got your back teeth, I don’t!
      I’ve always said I’m better off on the road, but my family never believe me!
      No late nights for me, I’m a good boy these days!!

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