Sunday 7th June; YouTube Video

Another YouTube/Flickr video, this time it’s Garry’s first tour of Portugal in August 2009.

Garry’s bike was already in Portugal, after leaving it there back in April. He’d just completed his tour of Morocco and was planning to cycle home via Spain and Portugal. Unfortunately, after crossing into Spain, Garry noticed a cracked rear hub/wheel! Not feeling very confident cycling with a broken wheel, Garry decided to leave his bike at a friends villa in Portugal. Fly home with the rear wheel/hub, get it repaired, and fly straight back!

Unfortunately, Garry didn’t fly back straight away, or maybe I should say he couldn’t! And it took four more months before Garry was able to return! But he’s now back and ready to cycle Portugal.

Find out more about this tour by visiting the Portugal tour page.

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2 Replies to “Sunday 7th June; YouTube Video”

  1. Well that was a good presentation. I often wonder how you got on for tyres? there must be a lot of wear stress with all that weight.

    1. Thank’s Malcolm. I tend to buy more tyres than most people, not because they’re worn out, but because I’m bad at keeping them pumped up! My tyres usually split on the side before wearing out!
      Apparently, it was my fault the hub cracked, they said I was carrying too much weight! Which I thought was a bit rude, I was quite slim then!?!

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