Sunday 7th September. Aylesbury to Market Harborough, Leicestershire. 58 miles.

It felt rather fresh first thing this morning as I cycled through Aylesbury, there’s been quite a few changes since I left thirty or so years ago! Mainly big new housing estates built on the fields that as a youngster I used to play on, Aylesbury seems to have become so big now, but unfortunately it’s just like any another town including Bognor they just have to keep building new houses! I’ve really been struggling today, I’ve been in so much pain with my leg despite taking loads of painkillers and I do have some rather strong ones! It’s been playing me up for nearly a week now (more than it normally does that is!) But I’ve always been ok on the bike, I certainly wasn’t today nearly every turn of the pedal caused me to wince in pain! Going through Northampton I lost half of my gears, which I was quite pleased about it gave me a good excuse to stop early! Luckily or not in the end it was only a screw that had come loose holding the gear selector on, once I’d tightened it up it was fine and I managed to carry on for another two hours before I’d finally had enough and called it a day. I’m hoping that an early finish and resting my leg for a few hours will be ok and that I’ll be fine tomorrow!

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