Sunday 8th April 2012 – Poochera to Kimba – I’ve cycled 10,000 miles!

Poochera to Kimba. 110 miles.

Two things today, I passed the 10,000 mile mark (16,000km) and I’m at the halfway point across Australia, well that’s what the sign says in the town!

Passing by some of the towns today I started to think about what the two old boys were saying last night about people leaving town, you could see all the other towns seemed to be heading the same way, there was loads of businesses that had closed and had for sale signs on them, don’t think anybody would buy them, not as a business anyway! Think that maybe one of the reasons for the closures is that the main highway doesn’t run through the towns anymore, not since they built the new one alongside the old one but bypassed a lot of the smaller towns, if you want to go into the towns you have to get off the main road and go on a detour. I did on one as there was a sign for cafe, but never found it, only a few shops that looked as if they might still be operating, but not actually open, got back on the highway and found a roadhouse instead, so much cheaper now I’m away from the Nullabor!

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