China, Cycling To Australia 8th January 2012

Garry McGivern is in China, cycling to Australia on Sunday, the 8th of January 2012. Dhaka, Bangladesh, to Kunming, China, by air. Not a good start to the day. The taxis are all on strike! The hotel had warned me about this the other day and had made alternative arrangements. But of course, it was going to cost more! The taxi arrived at the hotel and loaded my bike and bags. Some of the staff from the café I used every day came to wave me off. I said goodbye to the hotel staff, and I was off to the airport.

Man with basket on head
Think I’ll stick to a wheelbarrow!

I arrived at the airport in plenty of time for my flight. The ride to the airport was fast. There was very little traffic on the road, probably because they were all on strike! I’d rather sit around at the airport than have a last-minute rush. I went to check in my bike and bags and got into an argument! They were trying to charge me $240 for my bike! They weren’t going to get me this time! I remembered what happened in Istanbul when they tried to overcharge me! Eventually, they charged me $35, the standard sports equipment fee. But they said I paid the lower price because I was a tourist! Really!

The flight got delayed for two hours, so I spent even longer at the airport. But as I said earlier, that’s much better than chasing about! The flight over was okay. Apart from at one point, there was an announcement in Chinese. Not surprising being a Chinese airline! Then, in English, “Please, could you remain in your seats and fasten your seatbelts? We have a little problem!” I looked around to see the flight attendant’s faces and everybody else’s to see if they looked worried, but they didn’t. Then, shortly after, an automated announcement came on saying it was turbulence! I think they need to change the wording on their first announcement!

I was met at the airport in Kunming by Paul. He’s the representative of the apartment I’m staying at. It’s late and dark, but my first impressions of China are that it’s so much more modern, with highrise buildings everywhere lit with bright neon lights. And the streets are so much cleaner it’s also quite cold!

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